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Our SmartValue product provides standard BPO information in Fannie Mae format, as well as our internal QC review by one of our own experienced real estate valuation experts. 


Our broadcast announcement is to several qualified agents within 0-20 miles from the subject property. The first one to accept is awarded the assignment. This method results in the assignment placement within minutes, and completion of assignment within a few days.


The system is mobile friendly and enables brokers to complete their assignments from the field resulting in quicker turnaround times.


Skyhill provides nationwide coverage and products that are designed to meet individual client specific needs.

Residential BPO (Interior/Exterior)

Propriety systems enable Skyhill to outperform industry standards in quality, speed, and consistency.  System logic system logic ensures all key fields are completed within established parameters. All Skyhill BPOs undergo a QC review and require approval from the valuations manager.

Automated Valuation Model reports The AVM is an abbreviated report which provides market activity and property comparisons for quality control measures.

Retrospective BPO

Having access to the most relevant and up to date real estate sales data, Skyhill’s retrospective valuation data is accurate, reliable and fast.

Advanced BPO w/AVM variance analysis (normally for $1MM+ assets, or client specific threshold)

Advanced BPO is an enhanced product which provides an in-depth QC analysis based a cross comparison with an AVM from the most up to date sales data.

Advanced AVM

A cost efficient product used to reconfirm a value or resolve any variance issues. This product includes an onsite inspection with photos to ensure no changes to the property have been made which could compromise lending terms.

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